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Sent:                                           March 14, 2020 2:54 PM

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To all players

The executive of AG Curling league has discussed the Covid -19 virus issue in regards to our curling windup on Monday. 

Our recommendation is that we do curl this Monday and have our windup dinner and AGM.  We strongly recommend you follow all prudent cautions such as washing your hands, forgoing hand shakes before and after the game, not touching your face, etc. and staying home if you are not feeling well, or do not feel comfortable curling. 

If you will not be attending as an individual please contact your skip immediately, and skips, if you cannot field a team please contact your opponents and myself.  There may be spares available.

It is too late to cancel any of the meals as the food etc. has already been ordered,  so there will not be any refunds for those that do not attend.

This email was sent to all players in the league.

Brian Gagnon

President AG Curling



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