AG Curling 2019-2020 Wins/Losses

Round 1 - Sept. 30 to Jan. 13

As of November 25th

(How to read this table: To read a team's record, find the skip's name in the Team column and read across.)
Please remember to record your team's results each week on the bulletin board at the club! Preferrably before we all go upstairs. Otherwise it makes things difficult for the Webmaster (Glen) and the Drawmaster (also Glen). And your result may be listed as "Missing" below. Thanks! Also note, if you ever notice a result that is not correct on this or any other page, please let me know! Mistakes happen!

Team Round 1 Points
Teillet   W     W L W   W L W W 12
Kovacs L   L   L W L W L     L 4
LaFleur   W   W   W W W L W   L 12
Carnegie     L   W L W   L W L L 6
Gagnon L W   L   W   L W   W W 10
Moor W L L W L     L   L W   6
Arthur L W L L       L   L L L 2
Martel   L L   W W W   L W W   10
Smith L W W W L     W   W W   12
Sanders W   L L   W W L L     L 6
Roe L     W L L W L L       4
Degner L W W W L   W     W     10
Key: Win 2 pts. Loss 0 pts. No more ties M -- Missing   Blank -- Not Played Yet

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