Attorney General Mixed Curling League Constitution


Article I:† Name and Objectives and External Affiliations


Section A:†

The name of the organization shall be the Attorney General Mixed Curling League.


Section B:†

The objective of the organization is to organize and coordinate activities, finances and curling of the league.


Section C:

The league is affiliated with Curl Manitoba which promotes, develops, and grows the sport of curling in Manitoba



Article II:† Interpretation


The Attorney General Mixed Curling League shall make all determinations and interpretations with due regard to the accepted rules of procedure including, but not limited to Robertís Rules of Order; and the Canadian Curling Associationís Rules of Curling for General Play.



Article III:† Membership


Membership is inclusive of all curlers.† Curlers are persons paying dues to the league.



Article IV:† Meeting Procedures


Executive meetings are convened from time to time as required in order to carry-out the business of the league.†

The Annual General Meeting is held in conjunction with the annual curling wind-up which may also be the final day of curling.



Article V:† Quorum


A quorum of membership for voting purposes is a majority (51%) of members.† When changes are to be done to the constitution a majority will be 75%.



Article VI:† Officers, Qualifications, and Duties


Section A:

The executive of the league shall be the following:† President; Vice-President/Draw master; Secretary/Treasurer; and Social Convener.† These are known as the Officers.


Section B:†

The Officers of the league shall be involved in the curling activities of the league and shall organize and coordinate the curling league.

Article VII:† Election of Officers


The Officers of the league shall prepare and present to the membership at the Annual General Meeting a slate of members proposed for consideration, with no officer serving more than six consecutive years.† At the time of the Annual General Meeting and after the proposed slate has been presented, nomination(s) by any member of any member for any of the Officer positions may occur.† A majority of members present at the annual general meeting is needed for installation of Officers and voting shall be done by show of hands.†

If a vacancy occurs between Annual General Meetings, the Officers determine how, and if, to fill the vacancy.



Article VIII:† Conflict of Interest; Allegations of Wrongdoing; Disciplinary Action


Any perceived conflict of interest, allegation of wrongdoing, or what any reasonable person would consider to be an unethical action, may be reported to any of the Officers and any disciplinary action may be undertaken by the Officers of the league, up to and including asking a member to leave the League, with the approval of a majority of the membership.



Article IX:† Financial Responsibility


The officers of the league shall manage the leagues funds in a responsible manner and shall present the financial reports to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.†† So long as an Officer is acting in good faith, they are not personally responsible for any losses or shortfalls in League funds.



Article X:† Dues


The membership fees are to be determined by the Officers on an annual basis taking into consideration such factors including but not limited to: ice rental fees, Curl Manitoba fees, and number of teams in the league.† The fees are to be paid to the Treasurer prior to the start of the second week of the curling season.†



Article XI:† Committees


As required the Officers of the league may appoint a committee(s) to address a specific matter or issue.† All committees will have an identified lead and will be provided with a written purpose statement.  Committees will be considered disbanded once their purpose has been met and findings have been returned to the Officers or presented to the membership.


Article XII:† Policies and Amendments


The league has the authority to adopt policies and amendments to this constitution.† A majority (75%) of members is required to ratify policies and amendments.







Article XIII: Determination of standings within the rounds


The curling season will be divided into three rounds.† The first round will be a league wide round robin where all teams play in one group.† Two points are awarded to the winners of each draw.† One point will be awarded for a tie game.† No points will be awarded to the team who loses the game.†


The second round is divided into two groups (A and B) based on the total number of points earned in round one.  The top half of teams will enter an A division, and the bottom half of teams will enter a B division.  Points are awarded as in round one.


The playoff round (third round) further divides teams into three groups (A, B, and C) based on the total number of points from round one and two.† The winners of the playoff round will be decided by games played in the playoff round only, unless tied in which case the tie breaker rules will apply.  There can be no tie games in the playoff round.† Games resulting in a tie at the end of regulation time will be decided by a skipís draw, the winner of the game will be determined by a skipís draw where the rock closest to the center of the house (dickey) wins the game.†† In the case of skipís draw, a team is allowed to sweep its own rock.  Teams are not allowed to sweep the other teamís rock.† Two points are awarded for each win and zero points are awarded for each loss.


The Grand Aggregate winner is the team with the highest cumulative point total from rounds one through three and cannot also win the A group.†† The winners of each group (A and B) and the Grand Aggregate will be awarded a group trophy.† There is no trophy for group C.†


At the discretion of the Executive, in consideration of the financial position, cash prizes may be awarded to the winning teams.  The actual total dollar amount of the prizes will depend on the current finances and will be distributed in the following way.  Ranges have been used to allow for rounding: Grand Aggregate is 30-35% of total prize; A Side Winner is 25-30% of total prize; B Side Winner is 20-25% of total prize; and C Side Winner is 15-20% of total prize.


To determine the position in the standings the total number of points will be used.† In case of a tie in the standing position, the position will be determined based on:

1) Head-to-head play in the current round; if still tied then:

2) Head-to-head play in each previous round (second round then first round); if still tied then:

3) The fewest number of losses; if still tied then:

4) The higher group (A or B) will have higher priority of a lower group B or C; if still tied then:

5) Position will be decided by a coin toss.†


In the case of an odd total number of teams playing (i.e. 11) the above criteria (steps 1, 2, 3, and 4) will be used to determine the position in the standings.† Then the percentage of games won versus the number of games played (possible wins) will determine the final standing.



Article XIV: Miscellaneous


The starting bell will ring 5 minutes before the start of play.† Play is limited to 120 minutes.† Teams that are not ready with at least three members on the ice to play by 10 minutes after the start of play (15 minutes after the starting bell) will forfeit the game.† The ending bell will ring at 95 minutes of play after which teams will complete the current end and play one more.† If less than 15 minutes remain of play, teams will play a 4 rock per team end.†


The league is a mixed league which must have one member of the opposite sex on the ice.† Teams automatically lose the game if their one member of the opposite sex is not on the ice.† Each team will be allowed one game where they will not automatically lose if their lone member of the opposite sex is not on the ice.† The Vice-President/Draw Master will be in charge of monitoring this.† This must be reported to the Vice-President/Draw Master or a member of the executive before the start of play.



Article XV:† Dissolution


In the event that there are insufficient numbers of members to facilitate the operation of the league, the league may be dissolved by a vote of the members with a majority of votes required for dissolution.† Any remaining league funds will be donated to charity with a majority vote required to determine the designated charity or charities.



Article XVI: Ratification and Adoption


Change to the constitution will be handled in the following manner.† Any proposed change will be brought to the Annual General Meeting and approved by quorum.†


This constitution has been reviewed and ratified by a quorum of membership and has been adopted


effective the ________ day of __________________________ in the year ____________.  




Signed on March 30, 2015 ______________________________________________________________

President Meghan Ostrum


††††††††† ______________________________________________________________

Vice - President Brian Gagnon