AG Mixed Curling League 2007-08 


*** Call for trophies:  Skips please bring find and bring back the trophy on March 24th***




·        Two games: March 24th and April 7th.  Draw will be posted at Club and on Website

·        Teams have been divided into three Divisions based on Round Robin play.

·        Division “A”  - 4 teams,  Division “B” – 4 teams  and Division “C” – 2 teams

·        The teams in A and B Divisions are competing for trophies.

·        The Grand Aggregate Trophy winner is based on the Round Robin standings.

·        The same team cannot win both the Grand Aggregate and A Division trophies.

·        The Two teams in Division “C” will play each other twice to determine the winner.




·        Awards Banquet following the games on April 7th at the Marigold Restaurant on Osborne St. at 7:15 PM. 

·        All paid players on 4 or 5 person team have their meal cost covered through fees paid.  Cost of meal for guests and spares is $15.

·        Awards will be presented: trophies and cash prizes (if funds available).

·        Party-on after the AGM




·        To take place immediately following the Awards Banquet – April 7th

·        Presidents.

·        Financial Report

·        Nominations and Election of Officers:

- President

- Vice-President

- Secretary-treasurer

- Social Conveyor

·        Other business






 NOMINATIONS for Executive:  (Please submit names at the AGM or in advance to Neil Carroll)


 For PRESIDENT:   ___________________________________________________________


 For VICE-PRESIDENT ________________________________________________________


For SECRETARY/TREASURER: _______________________________________________


For SOCIAL CONVENOR: _____________________________________________________