2004 /05 Season                      LEAGUE NEWS     October  2004




Our League (now with only 9 teams) starts regular play on Monday October 18th, 2004 at 5PM at Fort Rouge.


Welcome to everyone and thanks to those of you who made it out on October 4th and got a few throws in ahead of the rest.  Did anyone see the missing skips in the bar?



And What’s New – Alot!



·        Where have all the teams gone? – We have lost three over the summer and are down to only 9 teams.

·        Eichstadter, Worden and Miller rinks are gone and we hope they will return next year, if they can.

·        The Sawatzky rink has gone through a retrofit, with Gail Anderson as 2nd and with David Jopling and Jack Dent sharing the lead position. 

·        Bob Hekl has lost Crawford Varnes and added Andrew Boryshavich as 2nd in his place. Andrew spared for us last season.

·        Pete Carriere’s rink has two new players with Ralph Sanders at 3rd and Kitty Leong as a rookie lead.

·        Alan Chanway and Fay Morrison will give the Zinnick rink a new and competitive look with the retirement of Ed Tellier and Gord Squire.






2003-04 Champs
















Congratulations to our champions



Our fees have gone up by $5 from $110 to $115 pp

  to cover 5% increase in ice rental.


Our fees are due to the club in November,

so please pay your money to Bruce Morrison, our Treasurer as soon as you can.  Make your cheque payable to the "AG Curling League". 


Fun & Hell Raising


That may not be this year due to the loss of our Social Conveyor, Glennis Kendall to an injury. This is indeed a big loss to the league and we hope she can return in the near future.


We need some help with the weekly 50/50 tickets, the banquets and the like.

(Contact Neil or Bruce if you can assist)




Curling Draw


will be  posted on the bulletin board at the Club and on our website (thanks to our IT guy Pete Carriere):


We are starting with the usual round-robin draw, and in January dividing the League into two Divisions. Nine teams will mean an average of two byes for each team over the season and with some cross-over between divisions.


Following the 2nd Round play, we will, make adjustments between Divisions based on points and play a final play-off round for the trophies.


 The Grand Aggregate trophy is based on the overall year results.  Trophies are also awarded to the winners of ‘A’ and ‘B division.


Curling  Dates


§         October 18, 2004 – start of play.

§         October 25, 2004 – no curling due to JVC


§         November 1, 8, 15, 29 2004 – curling

§         November 22, 2004 – no curling


§         December 6, 13, 2004 – curling

§         December 20, 2004 – Fun-spiel & Banquet

§         December 27, 2004 -  Christmas break


§         January 3, 10, 17, 2005 – curling

§         January 24, 2005 – no curling

§         January 31, 2005 – curling


§         February 7, 14, 21, 28 2005 – curling

§         March 7, 14, 21, 28 2005 – curling

§         April 4, 2004 – curling followed by Windup & AGM












Your Executive


President:            Neil Carroll             W:  945-2594

                                                H:   774-4986


Sec/Treasurer:    Bruce Morrison       H:   786-6037


Social Sec:           --VACANT----


We need a volunteer for the above position as Glennis Kendall is not able to curl this season due to an injury.  



Windup & AGM.


The curling league Windup & Awards Banquet and Annual General Meeting will take place on April 4, 2005 after the last game.





·     The Four Rock Free Guard Zone rule is in effect


·         Spares must play Lead.  If you have 2 Spares, they would play Lead and Second.


·         Games start at 5 p.m. sharp and must finish by 7P.M.  Please be on the ice promptly at 5 to allow games to start and end on time!




WIN –    W 


TIE –     T  


LOSS –  L 



Rules / Scoring


All standard MCA curling rules apply except where stated otherwise here:


The four rock Free Guard Zone rule is in effect for the 2004-05 season as adopted by the MCA.


Late Penalties / Forfeiture


If a team is late arriving to a game, it will give up 1 point after the first 10 minutes it’s late, and an additional point for each 10 minutes thereafter – to a maximum of 3 points. 


Late teams will forfeit the game after 30 minutes. Where two teams are scheduled to play each other and both forfeit, neither team gets any points.


A team MUST have 3 players to play a game.  A team can borrow a Spare from the team they are playing against in order to still play a game, but, they still officially lose the game.  (This rule does not apply to a team which borrows a Spare from a team it isn’t playing against).


If you are aware in advance that your team will be absent from a game, please attempt to contact your scheduled opponent to let them know in advance.
Length of Game


Games are to be 8 Ends in length (or approximately 2 hours).  But, if the bell rings and your game isn’t completed, your game continues to the completion of that End – plus one additional End (but not to exceed 8 Ends).  The bell rings at about 6:35 PM. 
An End is considered started upon the release of the first rock from the Lead’s hand and, is considered completed from the release of the last rock from the Skip’s hand.


The Fort Rouge Curling Club has asked the teams be off the ice no later than 7 P.M. So please try and start on time and avoid lengthy delays and discussions on the ice in order to allow time for eight ends to be completed.  





Scoring system


The following system will be used for scoring:


WIN        -        2

TIE         -         1

LOSS       -        0


Either your Third or Skip is  responsible to record your teams results on the sheet on the Bulletin Board located on the main floor of the Club, immediately following each game!


Ties are recorded by both teams as  a “T” (1 point), except in Playoffs or to decide standings, where Skips’ rocks will be used to determine the winner.




It will be the responsibility of all League members to arrange for their own Spares if they are unable to attend a game. Spares must play Lead, except where a team is using more than one, in which case Spares must play Lead and Second.  Each team must have at least one registered team member for each game.  For playoff games, only one Spare is allowed per team.  Note: Spares will not be charged a fee to play.


Gender Make-up of Teams


All teams should have at least one person of the opposite sex registered on their team. But which position people play on their team is up to them.  Teams can still play should their opposite sex member(s) be absent.


Lounge Rule


As a general rule games played in the bar by casting dice, drawing cards or using glass objects to decide a result, will not be recognized in the official standings.